Protection – Preventing nuisance tripping and catastrophic failure of distribution transformers.

About the Seminar

Unexpected failure of a business-critical transformer can result in uncontrolled costs and loss of production.

Protection is an integral risk management component for the operation of transformers and includes Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI) & Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI) thermal and electrical testing, Current Transformer (CT) testing and visual inspections. 

So what if your transformer protective system is defective? The transformer may nuisance trip out of service or, even worse, the transformer fails in service and the protection does not operate!

This webinar explores protection and monitoring of distribution transformers to identify common problems in industrial applications. Our transformer specialist will address the inspection, electrical test and calibration of protection devices. 

This information is essential to help an asset manager understand what corrective actions and maintenance strategies can be taken to reduce the risk of nuisance trips & catastrophic failure. This webinar will include serval instructive case studies.



Cost: Free

Who should join: Engineering and maintenance personnel who test, maintain and / or repair transformers.