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Electrical Machines - Operation & Maintenance

Improve electrical machine maintenance in your business by training staff in
common standard inspection, test and maintenance procedures. This training
includes classroom presentations consisting of 4 modules over 8 hours

Training Outline
The following topics will be covered during this training;
• Electrical machine design and assembly
• Failure mechanisms common to stator windings
• Electrical test descriptions, selection and interpretation
• Visual inspection - what to look for?
• Stator core inspection and wedge surveys
• Safety hazards in undertaking visual inspections
• Practical application of test and visual inspection procedures
• Inspection reporting

Learning Outcomes
The following outcomes will be achieved through completion of this training. Attendees will be able to:
• Identify and describe the function of machine components
• Identify and describe different insulation types in stator and rotor windings
• Describe the failure mechanisms common to electrical machines
• Describe electrical test appropriate for testing for the presence of particular failure mechanisms in electrical machines
• Undertake a visual inspection on an electrical machine following standard protocols
• Identify common symptoms of failure mechanisms
• Relate observed condition of machine windings to reliability
• Understand safe working practice when undertaking testing of electrical machines
• Understand the safe working limits when applying voltage to windings during electrical testing

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