Electrical Machines - Operation & Maintenance
4:00 pm16:00

Electrical Machines - Operation & Maintenance

Improve electrical machine maintenance in your business by training staff in
common standard inspection, test and maintenance procedures. This training
includes classroom presentations consisting of 4 modules over 8 hours

Training Outline
The following topics will be covered during this training;
• Electrical machine design and assembly
• Failure mechanisms common to stator windings
• Electrical test descriptions, selection and interpretation
• Visual inspection - what to look for?
• Stator core inspection and wedge surveys
• Safety hazards in undertaking visual inspections
• Practical application of test and visual inspection procedures
• Inspection reporting

Learning Outcomes
The following outcomes will be achieved through completion of this training. Attendees will be able to:
• Identify and describe the function of machine components
• Identify and describe different insulation types in stator and rotor windings
• Describe the failure mechanisms common to electrical machines
• Describe electrical test appropriate for testing for the presence of particular failure mechanisms in electrical machines
• Undertake a visual inspection on an electrical machine following standard protocols
• Identify common symptoms of failure mechanisms
• Relate observed condition of machine windings to reliability
• Understand safe working practice when undertaking testing of electrical machines
• Understand the safe working limits when applying voltage to windings during electrical testing

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webinar - Transformers
4:00 pm16:00

webinar - Transformers

As a transformer ages, its risks of failure rise and its inherent reliability deteriorates. Possible consequences of an unexpected failure of a business-critical transformer can be uncontrolled financial costs / lower profit due to loss of production and business interruption. Additional consequences can be reduced asset life and loss of life. Regular oil analysis provides an insight into the “health” status of a transformer and a low-cost means of tracking a fault. When combined with other electrical tests and sound engineering knowledge, oil analysis can provide a very powerful tool to diagnose and assess the condition of each unit.

This webinar explores the use of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) to identify advancing failure modes in a power transformer. Our transformer specialists will then detail electrical test and inspection strategies that can be applied to identify the assets true underlying condition and comprehensively assess the severity of an existing problem. This information is essential to help an asset manager understand what corrective actions can be taken to reduce the risk of failure. The webinar will include several instructive case studies.

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