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Austorque offer a variety of public one day courses, and can work directly with your site personnel to customise a tailored package to suit your staff training needs

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Electrical Machines - Operations and Maintenance 

This course “Electrical Machines - Operation and Maintenance” will include;

  • Electrical machine design and assembly
  • Failure mechanisms common to stator windings
  • Electrical test descriptions, selection and interpretation
  • Visual inspection - what to look for?
  • Stator core inspection and wedge surveys
  • Safety hazards in undertaking visual inspections
  • Practical application of test and visual inspection procedures
  • Inspection reporting

2018 Dates

Perth - 22nd February
Townsville - 13th March
Darwin - 26th Jun
Mt Isa - 11th July
Gladstone - 7th August


Preventing nuisance tripping and catastrophic failure of distribution transformers

This webinar explores protection and monitoring of distribution transformers to identify common problems in industrial applications. Our transformer specialist will address the inspection, electrical test and calibration of protection devices.
This information is essential to help an asset manager understand what corrective actions and maintenance strategies can be taken to reduce the risk of nuisance trips & catastrophic failure. This webinar will include several instructive case studies.


Beyond DGA - Will Your Gassing Transformer Fail?

This webinar explores the use of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) to identify advancing failure modes in a power transformer. Our transformer specialists will then detail electrical test and inspection strategies that can be applied to comprehensively assess the severity of an existing problem and what corrective actions can be taken to reduce the risk of failure. The webinar will also include several instructive case studies.


Transformer Oil Sampling Course

Oil sampling and analysis provides an insight into the health status of a transformer. When combined with other electrical tests and sound engineering knowledge, oil analysis can provide a powerful tool to diagnose and assess the condition of your transformers.
The quality and accuracy of the analysis and diagnosis is only as good as the quality and accuracy of your oil sample.
Sampling oil with the appropriate equipment, using the correct technique, and executed by competent personal, ensures that your condition assessments will be reliable, repetitive and reproducible.


High Voltage Machines Training

Improve electrical machine maintenance in your business by training staff in common standard inspection, test and maintenance procedures. This training includes classroom presentations consisting of four modules over 8 hours. Upon completion of this training, participants will be assessed for competencies by the following method:
• Online multiple choice examination to be completed within one week of the training
A certificate of attendance will be presented to each attendee.


Electrical Machines Lifecycle Maintenance

The seven basic elements to the “lifecycle” of an electrical machine are;

  • design

  • manufacture

  • procurement

  • installation

  • operation

  • repair

  • reliability

The maintainability of electrical machines is dependent of making the correct considerations around each element of the “lifecycle”.

This course is designed for engineers and tradesman involved in making every day maintenance decisions around electrical rotating plant. The course will cover all elements of the electrical machine “lifecycle”, their interrelationship and the importance of making the right maintenance decisions.


Keeping Electrical Machines Running

"Keeping Electrical Machines Running" - a look at the fundamentals of extending your electrical machine reliability and reducing "total cost of ownership".

This one day course will cover:

  • Machine Fundamentals
    Understanding your electric motors and how they operate
  • Machine Failures
    "Things that go wrong" - common electrical motor failure modes
  • Common Maintenance Issues 
    Common maintenance issues faced by machine maintainers
  • Condition Monitoring
    Description, theory and application of motor tests
  • Maximising Reliability
    Seven "take away" tips for keeping your electric motors running

Keeping Transformers Running

 This course “Keeping Transformers Running” will include;

  • Transformer design considerations
  • Core and coils and insulation system
  • Transformer installation
  • Oil testing of transformers
  • Electrical testing of transformers
  • Transformer life management and extension
  • Transformer failures - "Things that go wrong"
  • Repair/replace decisions
  • Best practice in information management
  • Developing and implementing a HV asset health index system