Partial Discharge Measurements on Medium and High Voltage Assets: How, When, Why?

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Luca Garagnani
Senior Electrical Asset Management Engineer

Condition assessment of the electrical assets is an important task that must be performed as best as we can to avoid catastrophic consequences of unexpected failures. Different machines with different design and operating functions could require various technologies and tests for a complete health check, but all of them have the same critical least common multiple: the insulation system.

Partial discharge measurement allows to verify the presence or the absence (it depends if you are a testing engineer or asset owner) of defects within the insulation materials on all medium and high voltage apparatus.

In this paper I explain how to carry out a PD measurement, when it is recommended to do it and why we say to do so.

Luca Garagnani holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with expertise in Partial Discharge Testing. Luca studied under the renowned Prof. Montanari and Prof. Cavallini at Bologna University.

His experience has centred around the measurement and analysis of MV/HV cables, transformers, switchgear and rotating machines throughout Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East. During this experience he has also been involved in teaching and tutoring on the theory of partial discharge and measurement techniques.