Medium Speed Diesel Engine Alternator Failures, Root Cause Analysis And Partial Discharge Repairs

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Madawa Jayawardana
Asset Electrical Engineer

From the year 2008 to 2014, 100 MW Heladhanavi power plant in Sri Lanka faced few issues and challenges in maintaining its six 21 MVA alternators. These alternators were driven by six 17 MW diesel Engines. The plant was commissioned in the year 2005 and after three years of operations, it faced a couple of alternator failures in the year 2008. During the initial inspection of first generator failure, cracked long overhang connection was found in stator windings. This was repaired and after a few days of operation, the alternator was failed again. This publication focuses on this case study, its root cause analysis, corrective actions and preventive actions. In addition to that, this publication explains the procedure of corona shield repair Heladhanvi power plant followed after detecting partial discharges.

Madawa Jayawardana is an Electrical Engineer of Enwave Australia. He has eleven years of experience in the power generation industry as an asset management engineer. Before, his role in Enwave Australia he was the chief engineer of LTL Holdings of Sri Lanka for eight years. He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer of Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka and a Member of Engineers Australia. He holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering.