Look Up and Live - Accidental Powerline Contacts in Queensland

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Glen Cook
Principle Community Safety Specialist

Energy Queensland like all entities have numerous accidental powerline contacts. Construction and agricultural equipment are growing, and are more frequently contacting powerlines on a daily basis. Over the past few years there has been several fatalities and serious incidents, due to accidental contact in Queensland. Glen Cook will discuss how Energy Queensland’s Community Safety Team is working with ‘at risk” industries to reduce these contacts. Energy Queensland’s Community safety team have developed a powerline safety tool lookupandlive.com.au that Cookie will also explain how this con help reduce accidental contacts with powerlines.

As a highly experienced and enthusiastic Public Safety Specialist, Glen Cook or Cookie as he is well known is a very passionate powerline safety advocate, with a commitment to raising powerline hazard safety awareness. During his career he has been the first responder to incidents involving serious injury/burns and fatalities, due to both accidental contact and fallen power lines. He therefore has developed strong beliefs in the importance of educating the broader community to the dangers/consequences of accidental contact with overhead and underground powerlines. He has an in-depth understanding of numerous "at risk" industries and their associated equipment, such as the Agricultural, Aviation and Construction industries and puts his advice into terms easily understood by these diverse industries.

Glen is an experienced and skilled electrician working in the construction / electrical utilities industry for 28 years. With the last 8yrs in public safety.