Life Cycle Maintenance: Boral Cement - Berrima

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Lourens van Schalkwyk
Senior Electrical Engineer
Boral Cement

This presentation covers maintenance strategies, asset failures and case studies from an end users perspective. All the information is related to the equipment at Boral Berrima and the challenges we faced to implement improvements to provide reliability to operations.

The following scenarios will be covered by Life Cycle Maintenance;

  • Motor testing for High Voltage & Low Voltage motors

    • Our maintenance strategy for all our HV & LV motors, running inspections, plant stoppage inspections, annual motor testing.

  • Motor replacement strategy and spares

    • Our previous motor strategy VS our current motor strategy for critical motors

  • Transformer DGA results and interpretation

    • Maintenance strategy for transformers and annual DGA results

  • Transformer replacement maintenance strategy

    • Site management and insurer requirements for critical transformers

  • 33kV overhead power maintenance strategy to Colliery

    • How to manage a very old 33kV power line to and underground colliery during the closure stage and rehabilitation under the EPA

  • Maintenance strategy for electrical maintenance personnel

    • How to improve operational reliability with our own labour by developing a world class maintenance system- planning & scheduling

  • Critical spares management plan for Motors, Transformers, Switchgear and cables

    • Standardise on equipment, be involved with project planning


The following scenarios are real life case studies;

  • Substation upgrades

    • Successful upgrade projects of 2 x 33kV substations

  • Low voltage MCC switch board upgrade

    • Replacement of 4 x Motor Control Centres (MCC)

  • 33kV power line failures to colliery

    • Conductor failure caused bush fire,

    • conductor failure stop train activity,

    • insulator failures cause pole fires

    • Open circuit conductors cause power failures to Colliery

    • Lightning strikes to line and poles

  • High Voltage motor failure – Coal mill

    • 750kW, 6600 Volt rotor failure and the repair journey

Lourens van Schalkwyk is a Senior Electrical Engineer for Boral Cement with 26 years of maintenance and project experience. He joined Boral cement in 2006 as Electrical Engineer in Geelong (Victoria) and relocated to Berrima (NSW) in 2013 as Maintenance Engineer.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He worked in various countries (Australia, New Zealand, India, and other Southern African countries) to improve maintenance strategies and equipment reliability. Lourens has a broad range of experience in Engineering design and Project management including Switch gear design and Substation design & construction.