Maintaining Electrical Assets
The keys to safe and reliable operation

29th - 31st October 2018
The Crowne Plaza Coogee

The Program


Monday 29th October

Comparison of Low-Frequency and High-Frequency Partial Discharge Measurement
Connor Chan, IRIS Power LP

The future Australian National Electricity Market – how renewable, how distributed, how synchronous, and how much storage?
Dr Iain MacGill, UNSW Sydney

Generator De-Gassing & Purging: Best Practices for Safe Plant Operation
Gus Graham, Environment One Corporation

On-Site Condition Assessment of High-Voltage Insulation Systems in Rotating Machines
Fabian Oettl, OMICRON electronics

How To Achieve 40+ Years Operational Life From Your Next Rewind
Russel Chetwynd, National Electric Coil

Innovations in Condition Monitoring – Broken Rotor Bar Detection using Numerical Relay
Malcolm Ballinger & Peter Burnell, AGL

Plugging Of Stator Cooling Water System: Root-Cause Analysis And Chemical Cleaning
Dr Thomas Bauer, SvoBa Tech, Inc

Installation and Commissioning of Electric Motors – Best Practice
Mike Davis, machinemonitor®


Tuesday 30th October

The Journey of Snowy’s Oldest Hydro Generator
Kapila Nanayakkara & Evan Bayliss, Snowy Hydro Limited

The Application of the Motor Current Signature Analysis in Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bars in Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Majid Malekpour, UNSW

It’s All About Torque
Ron Scollay, machinemonitor®

Understanding Condition and Risk of High Voltage Assets Workshop
Hosted by Mike Davis

Monitoring Condition of Large Slow Speed Rotating Equipment - Hydro and Mills
Hosted by Robert Butina

Reliability Centered Maintenance Applied to Rotating Machines Workshop
Hosted by Ron Scollay

Power Transformer Life Management Workshop
Hosted by Ken Budin

Electrical connections - what they are, how they fail and ways to manage them.
Bryan Slade & Richard Stuart, PyrOptic Pty Ltd

Beginner Guide to the Internet of Things Radio Networks
Robert Burke, WMAC.Cloud


Wednesday 31st October

Experiences testing large machines with high-voltage partial-core transformers
Dr Andrew Lapthorn, University of Canterbury

Synthesis of Problems Identified using Conventional and Unconventional Partial Discharge Measurement Sensors – NCPA Hydro-plant PD Monitoring Experience
Dr Raja Kuppuswamy, Dynamic Ratings

Identification Of Hydro-Unit Stiffnesses, Vibrating Masses And Critical Speed(S) Based On Vibration Measurements. A Case Study: Pump-Generating Unit 180 Mw
Ozren Orešković, Veski

Achieving Reliability with power transformer field maintenance
Ken Budin, Budin Philipp Partners Pty Ltd

Strategic Motor Condition Based Operating Management
Matt Leonardi, Glencore EHM

Partial Discharge Testing - Determining Failure Modes and Maintenance Requirements on HV Machines
Mike Davis, machinemonitor®

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Speakers were very knowledgeable and informative
Always able to leave with something new
Certainly as always, good very good topics,
people, knowledge, and overall atmosphere.
Learning and having fun at the same time

Reqlly enjoyed the event, it was more than what I expected. I am planning to come back next year to attend the event. Learnt a lot from all the presenters
Thanks - I enjoyed the conference thoroughly
- learned a lot!
Excellent Event, learned heaps, enjoyed myself and want to come back next year.
Conference was brilliant, many thanks to Austorque