Optimising Electrical Asset Maintenance
Progressing to On-Condition maintenance

30th October - 1st November 2017
The Crowne Plaza Coogee

The Program


Monday 30th October

Stator Endwinding Vibration Monitoring of High Speed Generators and Motors
John Letal, Rotating Machines Engineer, Iris Power

In search of Operational Excellence
James Dash, Senior Electrical Engineer, Origin Energy
Adam Earnshaw, Electrical Engineer, Origin Energy

Data Visualisation and Analytics – Driving the Reliability Improvement of High Voltage Assets
Kevin Chong, Specialist Reliability Engineer, Rio Tinto
Stuart Nell, Electrical Engineer, Rio Tinto

430 MVA Generator Excitation System Thyristor Bank Failure, Impact, Sustained Operation, and Recovery
Tim Stewart, Electrical Plant Engineer, Stanwell Corporations Limited

Hydrogenerator Refurbishment Projects: Focusing on the quality assurance program
Marcus Sun, Electrical Engineer, Mercury

World Class Machine Operation – 60 Mw Electrical Generator
Enes Zulovic Specialist Hydro Power Mechanical Engineer, Acutel Consulting
Fabian KaicaAcutel Consulting

Bright future of emerging lighting technologies and their impact on the industrial world of tomorrow.
Andrew Orkin, Product Development Manager, Coolon LED Lighting

An Answer Looking for a Question
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki ,AM, BSc, MSc(Qual), MBiomedE, MBBS, MAIP


Tuesday 31st October

Renewable Energy Innovations DeGrussa Hybrid Project
Peter Gordon, Electrical Superintendent, Sandfire Resources
Rolf Gerste, Process Control Systems Engineer, Sandfire Resources

Aging Effects Due To More Frequent Start-Stop Cycles On Hydro Generators
Russel Chetwynd, Service Manager, National Electric Coil

Reliability Engineer, Asset Quality
Matt Fallow, Reliability Engineer, Asset Quality

Transformer Workshop
Mark Wexler, Service Manager, TxMonitor®
Philip Reilly, Sales Manager, TxMonitor®
Kenneth Budin, Director, Budin Philipp Partners

Motors & Generators Workshop
Ron Scollay, Principal Engineer Consultant, machinemonitor®

End Winding Vibration Workshop
John Letal, Rotating Machines Engineer, Iris Power

Failure Case studies Workshop
Mike Davis, Principal, machinemonitor®

Recovery of a Strategic Compressor Motor Drive
Principal Engineer Consultant, machinemonitor®

Motion Amplification: Moving Vibration Analysis to the Visual Spectrum featuring practical case examples
Andrew Gale, Technical Director, Optical Motion Technologies

Tuesday 31st October


Wednesday 1st November

Online partial discharge monitoring – principle considerations
Stefan Böhler, Application engineer rotating machines, Omicron Austria

Surviving Network Faults – Generator Ride-through Capability... Is your plant at risk?
Franco Rabines, Specialist Electrical Engineer, CS Energy

Investigation Report - Optimum Protection Relay Maintenace
Herman Visser, HV Network Engineer, Fortesque Metal Group

Power Transformers – avoiding failure with oil and electrical testing
Mark Wexler, Service Manager, TxMonitor®
Philip Reilly, Sales Manager, TxMonitor®

High Voltage Replacement Strategies and Testing
Jackson Hill, Managing Director, LIVE HV

Proactive strategies to increase reliability and reduce maintenance cost for power transformers and on-load tap changers.
Ken Budin, Director, Budin Philipp Partners

On-Line Partial Discharge Monitoring: a Tool for Understanding High Voltage Stator Winding Problems and Maintenance Requirements
Mike Davis, Principal, machinemonitor®

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The Feedback

It was better than expected, I am coming next year
Very well organised. One of the best I’ve ever attended.
It was a great week, I learned a lot and had fun along the way!
The topics covered are extremely relevant to the current challenges faced by the industry

Thank you for the organisation of a great event. Thank you to the organising team with an excellent event, your friendlyness open attitude. It has been wonderful interacting with you all.
Well done to the organising team for continuing to organise such a great event for practising
professional engineers and managers
It was great being in a group of experienced people. Nothing is more gratifying than sharing
This was my 8th conference and 5th as an exhibitor or maybe 6th. 2017 was the best for a
few years. Always a good event for us, however 2017 was very good.

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