Maximising Return On Investment (ROI)
in Electrical Asset Maintenance

24th October - 26th October 2016
Novotel Darling Harbour, Sydney

The Program


Monday 24th October

Measuring Partial Discharge in Operating Hydrogen-Cooled Generators
Howard Sedding, Iris Power

Generator Stator Rewind and Partial Core Restack Case History.
Russel Chetwynd, National Electric Coil

Partial Discharge Testing of Power and Distribution Cables
Jackson Hill,  LIVE HV

6.6 kV Motor Specification Development and Overhaul Learnings
Danny Peacock,  Stanwell

RPS Generation Upgrade
David Sargent,  Origin Energy NZ

Generator Circuit Breaker Failure Lessons Learnt
Adam Earnshaw, Origin Energy

Innovation spotlight
Ideas to improve maintenance efficiency

Industrial Illumination - Costs of getting it wrong
Andrew Orkin,  Coolon LED Lighting

Counterfeit products - The Ever Growing Threat to our Health and Economy
Larry Wiechern, Industry Specialist


Tuesday 22nd October

The new world of energy generation, distribution and usage - Challenges and benefits for a sustainable future
Prof Tony Vassallo, Sydney University
Dr Jon Pemberton, Zest Energy

Condition Assessment of Electrical Apparatus with EMI Diagnostics
Paul Spracklen, Doble Engineering

PD User Groups Workshop (By Invitation Only)
Facilitated by Howard Sedding

Electrical Testing, Selection, and Application Workshop
Facilitated by Mike Davis

On-Load and Off-Load Tap Changers Workshop
Facilitated by Ken Budin & Max Philipp

Q&A Panel - "Will my machine run until I retire?"

5000 ton Bump Test, The largest Machines on Earth
Matthew Fallow, Asset Quality

Ensure Safe & Continuous Operation of Rotating Machines by on-line Monitoring of Dielectric Health
GK Papneja Omicron Electronics Asia Limited


Wednesday 23rd October

Gaps In Your Electric Motor Reliability ProgramGaps In Your Electric Motor Reliability Program
Todd Gunderson, PDMA

Solutions for Magnetic Stator Wedge Reliability Issues
Mike Davis, machinemonitor®

Partial Discharge Technologies and their Influence in Production Risk Assessment
Danny Peacock, Stanwell

Identifying Partial Discharge Locations in a High Voltage Motor
David Hinde, Boyne Smelters Limited

Case Study: Failure of High Voltage Motor Starters
Robert Lewis, SunWater Limited

On-site Electrical Testing of Power Transformers with Case Studies
Wenyu Guo, OMICRON Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Approach to Equipment Assessment, Monitoring and Maintenance of
Power Plant Electrical Equipment - By Sandy Rainey PDMA
Cary Jozefiak, Dynamic Ratings

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The Feedback

Very good opportunity to hear a lot of experts in the industry
Enjoyed it very much
It has been a very enjoyable conference, well run by a great team of people
Fantastic, three days with some good conversations and topics discussed

Very good content and some great minds!
Very well run, a high quality of speakers and topics
Very new to this topic area and this conference has introduced a lot of interest to learn more
Well presented papers on important topics that will contribute on how generating machines should be monitored and maintained

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