The Journey of Snowy's Oldest Hydro Generator


Kapila Nanayakkara
Snowy Hydro Limited

Evan Bayliss
Snowy Hydro Limited

Kapila Nanayakkara B Eng(Hons); Post Grad. Dip. Eng; MBA, MIE.
Kapila has more than forty years experience since graduation  in electrical power generation industry spanning across Srilanka, UK and Australia. He has been with Snowy Hydro for 27 years and presently hold the position of Principal Electrical Engineer in Asset Management and Engineering Group. He has done several presentations on generators in US, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Australia and an active member of CIGRE AP1 rotating machines and CEATI HPLIG.

Evan Baliss is a Chartered Professional Electrical Engineer with five years’ experience in power generation engineering. He holds a first-class honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the Central Queensland University. He has worked in various location in Australia, primarily in the operations and maintenance of coal-fired and hydro generators. Since 2016 he has worked in the Asset Management and Engineering team in Snowy Hydro, focussing on the maintenance of transformers, generators and other HV equipment. More recently, he has been seconded as an electrical engineer for the development of the tender design for Snowy 2.0.