Beginner Guide to the Internet of Things Radio Networks


Robert Burke

The Internet of Things (IoT) is said to be to change our lives, by 2022 more than 22 Billion sensors will collecting data and controlling things around us.  For this to happen these sensors need to be able to connect to the services to use the date to make the decision and control the billions of devices.

New IoT radio networks are now being rolled out across Australia.  With them come a new jargon, standards and functionality.  So what are they, what can they do and what is different about them.  This presentation is the beginner guide to the new world of IoT wide area networks.

Robert Burke has been involved for the last 30 years in designing and building wireless solutions, from the first AVIS Wizard Check-In System in the late 80s using Telzon Radio Terminal, GPS tracking systems in the mid-90s, Bus information system for cities to today, remote monitoring sensors for industry and power distribution.

Roberts latest venture, WMAC.Cloud, designs and builds wireless industrial sensors.  More than 3 years of Research & Design has gone into the development of these first sensors and the cloud services that support them.  WMAC was one of the first companies to have a commercial SIGFox sensor operating on the ThinXtra Network in New Zealand in January 2018, and will be in the first group to have an NB IoT product when this network goes live.