Achieving Reliability


Ken Budin
Budin Philipp Partners Pty Ltd

The presentation will draw on worlds-best work practices from relevant standard and technical brochures, as well as decades of experience related to the field maintenance of power transformers and OLTC's with a focus on training and improving competencies for those planning, managing or undertaking maintenance.

Ken is a Director of Budin Philipp Partners which offers specialist training and consulting services for power transformers and on-load tap changers. He is a member of the IEEE & the CIGRE Australian A2 panel for Power Transformers, and has in excess of 40 years’ experience in power transformer service and life management.

He has published many technical papers over the years and areas of expertise include paper ageing & transformer life, strategies for first year of service life, mid-life refurbishment,  management of water content in power transformers, application and use of natural ester fluids in power transformers, routine inspection and maintenance, diagnostic and monitoring, and management of spare transformers. A regular speaker at Industry events across the Asia-Pacific region, Ken is also enjoying being based in the South Gippsland area of Victoria.